AIM British Building supplies and DIY Centre can supply British quality guttering systems which are easy to install: 120mm square-line guttering in white and brown (black to order)

Don’t wait until it’s too late to install your guttering before the heavy Spanish rain starts in the autumn months – protect against rain damage.  Aim provides durable, cost effective and efficient solutions for every requirement to look after your paintwork and prevent  damp penetration.  

Aim British Building supplies and DIY Centre –  THE only British guttering stockists.

The guttering and fixings which ABBS carry in stock are:

  • Tile Brackets
  • Guttering 4 mtr lengths
  • 90° Angles
  • Shoes
  • 135° Gutter Angles
  • Fascia Brackets
  • Gutter Jointers
  • Running Outlets
  • Running Outlets With Stop Ends
  • Stop Ends
  • Down Pipe 4 mtr lengths
  • Down Pipe Brackets
  • Down Pipe Offset 112.5°
  • Down Pipe 90° angles
  • Down Pipe Jointers
  • Hoppers
 If you have any questions about guttering, call AIM on 952 835 172 (Marbella)  or 965 791 740 (Javea)  for more information.